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Naked Ladies....



Paula Menger


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I spent many blissful, albeit tedious at times hours with Kate Millet on the top floor of the Woman's Building in L.A., putting paper mache and paint on those "Naked Ladies" that eventually adorned the top of the Woman's Building in L.A. It was a real treat for me at that time, as I got to converse so freely with this then popular but now too often forgotten great feminist writer and artist.
I had an old VW bus with a sunroof that came in handy for hauling a lot of the materials for the installation, the most memorable ones being chicken wire (try not getting caught up in that stuff!), shopping carts and an old refrigerator that had to be transported upright (Kate wanted it working so she could put items in it, like her lunch and beer), so we put that through the sunroof standing up.
Kate got a bit of a bad rap at the time because of her heavy drinking and (at times) embarrassingly public frank opinions of feminist colleagues, but I learned a lot from her and it's a fond memory of a labor of love and down to earth female camaraderie during formative years of my own creativity. Over the years, I've often wondered whatever became of those magnificent structures that spoke so deeply to me of the power of feminism and women. Thank you, Otis, and Sue especially for preserving as much of possible of those years.



Paula Menger, "Naked Ladies....," in Woman's Building: Doin' It in Public, Item #75, (accessed July 5, 2020).

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