The Oral Herstory of Lesbiansim

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The Oral Herstory of Lesbiansim



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2010 October 29


Linda Frye Burnham


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In 1979, High Performance magazine documented the "Oral Herstory of Lesbianism" project that took place at the Woman's Building that year. On pages 22 and 23 of HP Issue #8, we reproduced (several times) a piece of photographic art by the late Tee Corinne, "Sex Is the Issue, You Know...," which had graced the program for the "Oral Herstory" performances. Our printer, Huttner Lithography in Burbank, was staffed by a phalanx of older men who could not bring themselves to print what they called "the lunchbox spread," a graphic (if "tasteful") photo of lesbian cunnilingus. So we had to take those two pages to a more liberal printer in Santa Monica. I think it was a hippie/commie co-op. They printed the pages and Huttner, in due course, had the mags bound. Otis College of Art and Design is looking for Tee Corinne's heirs to get permission to reproduce this spread in a book about the Woman's Building, to be published in 2011 as part of the Getty Institute's "Pacific Standard Time" L.A. History project. Art history marches on.



Linda Frye Burnham, "The Oral Herstory of Lesbiansim," in Woman's Building: Doin' It in Public, Item #36, (accessed August 14, 2020).

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