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Ruth Iskin hangs work on the “Open Wall” at Womanspace, early in 1973. This safe place for women briefly occupied Amy Goldman’s old studio on Venice Boulevard, Culver City before the Woman’s Building opened downtown on Grandview. The custom…

Re-naming Ritual

When asked, “Who are you?” we generally reply by saying our name. Women engaged in self-discovery often felt the need to change “old” names into something more in keeping with their vision of who they were becoming.…


This image of Barbara Smith is from a slide dated 2/1975. My role in this performance by Barbara Smith was to apply paint to her nude body while the audience gazed on.

1975 February

That’s me performing in a Woman’s Building mid 70’s self-portrait show. I’m dressed in the W. B. work clothes I wore when tearing down old walls and constructing spaces where feminists could test their limits. I dialoged with audience…