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This image of Barbara Smith is from a slide dated 2/1975. My role in this performance by Barbara Smith was to apply paint to her nude body while the audience gazed on.

1975 February

That’s me performing in a Woman’s Building mid 70’s self-portrait show. I’m dressed in the W. B. work clothes I wore when tearing down old walls and constructing spaces where feminists could test their limits. I dialoged with audience…


I was in the group show Break the Silence in 1985, to commemorate the 40 years of the Hiroshima Bombing. I was invited by Sheila Pinkel.
Later I was a volunteer member of the exhibition committee, and in 1986 curated a video show at the WB called…


I love this grainy picture (the original is grainy and was published that way) of me and Arlene Raven kissing during An Oral Herstory of Lesbianism at the Woman's Building in May of 1979.

The issue of HP published quite a bit of the text of the…


Trying to look like a serious artist as I mounted my undergrad art show on the Open Wall at the Woman's Building. I was part of the Feminist Studio Workshop and getting my BA at University Without Walls.


One of the most memorable experiences I had in the early eighties was the opportunity to participate in a protest performance on the steps of City Hall organized by activists at the Woman's Building

Each artist held up a fan in front of their face…

early 1980s

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My experience as part of the First Postcard Project at the Women’s Graphic Center in the Woman’s Building, summer ’82, was transformative. I learned about offset printing, and created the very first postcard version of my Illustrated History,…


True story: In 1974 I needed a pigeon for my "Intimations of Immortality" piece in the Grandview Gallery II since a "bag lady" from MacArthur Park would be occupying a bench in the gallery as real time art and I thoughtshe needed pigeons for…